Colony Counter (4 Digit Counter) Digital Colony Counter

Counter:-          4 digit (9999 counts) resettable digital counter with audio beep at every count

Probe:-              Auto Marker Pen probe for marking and counting simultaneously.

Grid:-                  Wolffuegel grid glass plate.

Illumination:-   Uniform glare free illumination by cool fluorescent tube light.

Magnification:- 100mm. diameter Magnifying Lens.

Dimension :-      250W x  310D x 130mm H.

Weight :-           4.5 Kg. approx.


Is ideal for rapid, accurate counting & recording of bacteria & mould colonies in biology, zoology, bacteriology, pathology laboratories or any place where colony counting is a regular routine. Colony counter grid is illuminated with fluorescent lamp for uniform cool-light Illumination and is provided with a magnifying glass for ease of viewing. Special Pen type probe allows marking on Petri dish with an audio beep and counting Simultaneously. Counting is registered on 4 digit resettable digital counter.

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